These are the easiest and quickest
Faucets to earn free cryptocurrencies!

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Use your FreeBitco Deposit address to collect your Bitcoin from all the
other faucets!  Earn interest after 0.00030000 are collected! Banner
Can transfer ballance over 0.00010000 BTC

Can transfer ballance over 0.00040000 BTC

is the easiest!  Just  do the "Captcha" and click on roll!


Earn Bitcoins
Look for "Surf Ads", click on the ad listing and wait for the captcha.  Solve the captcha and then close that ad.  Move to the next one on the list!

Look for "Earn Bitcoin" on the menu then "Surf Ads on the dropdown menu.

Look for the timers and wait for then to reach ZERO
before closing ad!

  Most have daily Bonuses of 1% a day, 100% after 100 days!

Bit Fun
Bonus Bitcoin
Moon Bitcoin
Moon Litecoin
Moon Cash
Moon Dash
Moon Doge

These Seven Faucets
All Pay To

Coin Pot
Convert all these cryptos to Bitcoin!

Open an account at each of the faucets on the left
using the same email address!

Then open an account at coin pot before using any of the seven faucets that pay to COINPOT.


Only do the free claims!  No need to click on the ads
and as good as they sound they are likely scams!

New and easy but untested* 

* We have not collected from this Faucet yet!

Welcome to Faucet.BET

* We have not collected from this Faucet yet!

A Few easy To Claim Bonus Faucets!

Low paying but if you are lucky, you can win $200!!!
Ripple  XRP   Litecoin   BitcoinCash    Doge Coin    Tron